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SECRET GARDEN DINNER (2): Same garden. Different theme. Celebrating the Anglo-Italian cooking that have made our pizzerias so successful. All staff foolhardy and kind from those busy pizzerias, plus the chefs cooking food we know best makes a good evening. Add the backdrop of a beautiful garden and the sound of Jali plucking the kora makes a great evening. It was truly special. Onto the next one.

THE WEDDING: Following the success of our singles dinner, we decided to celebrate new-found love at our next get together. Edzai and Otty, who met at our singles dinner were still going strong. So we threw them a wedding. Big loud & brash. Delicious wholesome nosh by Sophie Wyburd. This was not a supper club. This was a Dinner for One Hundred. The result was even more new-found love, and the dance floor still strong at 2AM. Onto the honeymoon.

PRE-VALENTINE'S DINNER: For the first time in Dinner for One Hundred history. Only singles were allowed. Our dinners have always been a medium to bring people together. And love is always a possibility. So we wanted to increase the chances. By God it worked well. See you at the wedding.