SECRET GARDEN DINNER: Summer 22's last chance to dine outside in the warmth and wow it may have been our best yet. Dress theme was flowers & location revealed on the day. Truly a secret garden without escaping our city's lovely madness. And thank God for it as our diners had a football team to cheer on next door...

DINNER DANCE: What's happened to the big balls Cinderella used to go to? Fear not. They are still happening. Somewhere over the rainbow. In Bermondsey to be precise. All thanks to Dinner for One Hundred. What is Dinner for One Hundred you ask? Think proper dinners with cheeks bobbing on warm shoulders as the stars of London glitter across the Surrey Canal. That's what.

A DAY IN LA MARSA: What do you get when you mix the best harissa in the world, D4100 PIZZA, Beya the Tunisian singer & Desiree the belly dancer. Something you've never seen in a London pub. And something that should happen a lot bloody more often.

DINNER FOR ONE HUNDRED (3/100) Old people don't just want coffee mornings. They wanna get drunk and party like everyone else every now and then! Young people don't find old people boring. What a load of rubbish. So we stuck em together for a big old feast. It was the most raucous dinner we've done so far. Stay tuned for the next one...

D4100 CHRISTMAS: This is as simple as it sounds. A response to people wanting to have a proper proper big rowdy Christmas dinner in the run up to the 25th. But no kitchen big enough. We're here to sort you out each year.

Dinner for One Hundred: Our first ever dinner. A warehouse in Hackney that was getting bulldozed the next week. This is where we got the itch. 3 courses, Japanese Shoji and a whole mix of people made for a grand yet intimate atmosphere made to meet new people.