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In 2017 we did a dinner for one hundred people in a soon to be demolished warehouse in Hackney. This turned into an infrequent series until covid hit. We had just quit our jobs, as pizza chef and London bus tour guide (Jake and Jacob respectively). So we decided to make D4100 more frequent and operate as a pizzeria instead, keeping our name to continue that hospitable energy.


We started every Friday outside Jacob's mum’s front garden which moved up the road as a pop up at The Hill Station Cafe. After a couple months Jacqui let us keep our space permanently. So we ordered in an oven from Bulgaria, built a timber hut and turned a former energy generator into a kitchen. This is now our HQ pizzeria in Telegraph Hill.

Whilst our wholesome hut on the hill remains the place where D4100 pizza first gained notoriety, it's not the only place for you to get dinner. You can now come uptown to lovely Bloomsbury for pizza at The Perseverance Pub. And if you've got a little bit more of an appetite, see the events page for when the next big dinner is. So whether you want a humble margherita or one of the most beautiful whacky dining experiences of your life for good, you are always welcome at the table.


Lots of love,


J&J xxx



Want to interrogate us or get a job? Then give us a shout. Over the last few years we've been on the blower exponentially and we cherish the chat. So don't be shy. But obviously pick your favourite one.



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